Skin care using acai? Sweet tropical fruit has its benefits

In the Australian heat, Acai (pronounced a-ssa-EE) is a great option to refresh and rejuvenate. But have you ever thought about enjoying the benefits of this Brazilian Northern fruit for your skin? Acai has ​​powerful assets that provide a more hydrated and blemish-free skin.

acai berrie berry amazon rainforest indiginous communityBrazilian acai from the Amazon Rainforest

“Acai has ​​antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps in cell regeneration, skin hydration and in the reduction of spots”, emphasizes skin specialist Marlene Isabel from Sao Paulo, BRA.

According to the expert, for better results using facial cleansing, acai in gels or oils rejuvenates the skin due to the high concentration of its active ingredients. Acai for the face helps to "prevent aging, moisturize and reduce blemishes", explains Marlene.

If you never thought about using this fruit for skin care, no worries! Perhaps this is the perfect time to start! The acai has enormously powerful assets that can leave your skin more hydrated and free of specks. The substances present in the Amazonian fruit also have other benefits, which can help in the healing, circulation and improvement of acne, leaving the skin with a youthful appearance and without losing the natural glow that gives that healthy aspect.