The art of facial cleansing

Nourishing and maintaining your skin is an important regime to have in place. However, there is no one-size-fits-all in skincare. The experts at Florestas explain the best facial cleansing routine to keep your skin healthy.

acai gel for deep cleansing australian girlFacial Cleansing Gel Extracted from the Acai Plant

When it comes to your skincare routine, it is important you adopt not only the right products, but the right regime to suit your skin type. Fast-becoming recognized for its rare and unique cold pressed oils and mineral clays, the age-old formulas, created by the traditional custodians of the Amazon rainforest, boast wildly potent natural anti-aging properties, essential fatty acids, amino acids and sterols, and a high concentration of vitamins and minerals - extremely therapeutic and effective in nourishing the skin.

Derived from wild-harvested nuts, fruits and plants collected by Amazonian locals, used by natives for centuries as antidotes for an array of varying ailments, the products are 100% natural and organic, perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types. When it comes to creating a skincare routine, a natural collection, like that of Florestas, is a good starting point as it doesn’t contain the often-harsh chemicals that can potentially cause a reaction. It also nourishes skin gently, using proven formulas that soften, purify, cleanse and soothe. 

The Florestas experts note there to be a few basic principles that can be adopted into your skincare routine to boost skin health, starting with facial cleansing.

Choose a gentle cleanser
Start by choosing a softer, antioxidant-rich product that boasts vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, like Acai, Buriti or Cupuacu – free from harsh chemicals that strips away nutrients from the top layer of skin. The amino acids obtained from natural Amazonian sources promote the skin's natural balance and hydration, providing a refreshing sensation from the blend of essential oils. A good cleanser will moisturize and hydrate whilst cleansing and revitalizing. Apply a small amount in the palm of your hand, working in a circular motion to create a rich lather on your face before rinsing thoroughly.

Scrub once a week
Using a scrub too often can cause abrasions to your skin, sensitivity, irritation and inflammation. When choosing an exfoliant or scrub, always opt for a finer, softer product for your face – one rich in oils and butters to provide hydration, nourishment and protection. Amazonian andiroba microgranules exfoliate whilst soothing skin, stimulating cell renewal. Apply to a wet face and massage gently, rinsing thoroughly.

Use warm water
Whilst steamy heat can encourage pores to open up, too much heat is actually bad for your skin. For this reason, always use warm water – not hot, applying light pressure to stimulate skin and release toxins. This will leave your skin feeling hydrated and not dry.

women using chestnut oil from amazon rainforestChestnut Oil Made in the Amazon Rainforest | Vegan

Moisturize after cleansing
After cleansing your skin, it is important to replenish the epidermis and moisture. This reduces your body’s need to secrete more of its own oil. An important step for all skin types, choose a moisturizer that is naturally formulated and won’t clog pores, focusing on areas like your T zone.

Use an Amazonian oil
Whether added to your cleanser, moisturizer, scrub or incorporated as a final step, a fast-absorbing Amazonian-sourced is a fantastic skin routine staple. Brazil Nut oil, for example, is cold-pressed from the Amazon rainforest. Rich in vitamins A and E, and its fatty acids gives a high hydration and moisture power to the skin. The Brazil Nut Lipid oil is high in natural antioxidants, that prevent skin aging, is soothing, with a high concentration of selenium - a powerful natural antioxidant.