A proper application is the first step to ensure facial oil is absorbed

Facial oils are concentrated products, so you need to use only a tiny amount to reap the benefits. While moisturisers contain similar precious oils, their formulas are diluted with over 70% water.

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While moisturisers should be applied generously, facial oils should be applied cautiously. Just 2 to 3 drops of facial oil are more than enough for a full facial application.

The trick to proper facial oil application is to distribute the oil among your fingertips and then gently pat them over your skin. Many people start at the cheeks and rub outwards from there. This is less effective, because the oil will collect more heavily where you begin and appear that it has not properly absorbed.

When to Use Face Oil? Morning, Night, or Both?
Appropriate use of a facial oil depends to some extent on your skin type. That is because skin produces its own oil, or sebum, at different rates throughout the day.

This is important because skin that produces a lot of its own oil will absorb less of an added facial oil. This is especially true if you have oily or combination skin, which naturally makes more sebum throughout the day.

Your skin follows a daily cycle of sebum creation as outlined below:
Sebum secretion rate increases throughout the night and morning. 
Skin is oiliest at midday. 
Sebum secretion rate declines from midday to evening. 
Sebum secretion is lowest in the evening, just before your bedtime. 

The conclusion is that facial oils are best used daily when they are most easily absorbed: at night.
There is, however, one exception: if you have dry skin, you may benefit from adding a few drops of facial oil to your morning routine to layer under your makeup. Dry skin struggles to make enough sebum, which is why applying a facial oil in the morning and even at noon may improve the overall condition of your skin.