The magic of Amazonian oils

Rich and diverse in cultural traditions and historical practices, the fruits and flora of the Amazon rainforest have long-been a secret kept close by the traditional custodians of the land. So, what makes its products so magical? And why are they so unique to our world? The Florestas team explores.

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 Amazon river | Manaus

The Amazon rainforest is the most providing resource of sustenance in the world. Considered the lungs of the earth, the jungle is rich and diverse in its resources, and is responsible for supplying 20% of our earth’s oxygen and 20% of its fresh water. It is a regular part of our global food supply - the place of origin for up to 80% of our favourite foods - and a source of as much as 25% of all western pharmaceuticals. Now, as the cosmetic sector continues to grow, the Amazon rainforest is fast-becoming recognized for its rare and unique cold pressed oils as the beauty industry turns to age-old formulas, created by the traditional custodians of the Amazon.

Boasting wildly potent natural anti-aging properties, the essential fatty acids, amino acids and sterols, and high concentration of vitamins and minerals in Amazonian oils are extremely therapeutic. Effective in nourishing the skin and hair, the ingredients are exclusive to the rainforest, derived from wild-harvested nuts, fruits and plants collected by Amazonian locals, used by natives for centuries as antidotes for an array of varying ailments. Having explored the biodiversity of the rainforest and studied indigenous Amazonian therapeutics, we’ve collated a few of the most popular Amazon oils currently stimulating the beauty sector.

Containing high levels of behenic acid, Pracaxi oil makes hair soft and shiny, proven beneficial in rejuvenating and promoting balanced collagen production to help heal wounds and reduce fine lines and scarring. Pracaxi also helps reduce hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Rich in alpha-hydroxyl acids, Andiroba oil promotes healthy curly hair without leaving a greasy feel. It is also recognized for reducing wrinkles, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation of the skin, boosting collagen production to promote plump, glowing and youthful skin. 

Copaiba Oil
The Brazilian king of essential oils is rich in beta-caryophyllene – the same substance found in CBD oil. Known as the most anti-inflammatory substance on earth, it is great for blemish prone skin, helping to reduce redness and the appearance of other skin imperfections. 

Brazil Nut Oil
Used to treat and nourish aging or dry skin with powerful moisture, vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, Brazil Nut Oil is a natural and vegan source to enhance squalene. 

brazilian nut from Amazon rainforestBrazilian nut from the Amazonian Rainforest communities

Combining products of the soul of the rainforest with ancient knowledge and new-age science and technology for organic, natural and ethically-conscious skincare, Florestas, is Australia’s only 100% organic Amazonian skincare solution. By collaborating with the local Amazonian people, our harvesting practices helps to create economically viable local communities, ensuring the forest is worth more standing than it is cut. 

During the collection of our raw materials, Florestas ensures that the Brazilian ecosystem is preserved and the seeds and herbs used to prepare our products are kept at the purest level. As local legend tells, each fruit or seed was presented by God at critical times and used for multiple applications vital to the existence of indigenous tribes in the rainforest. For more information on how Florestas utilizes the power of ancient Amazonian rainforest ingredients, visit our product page.