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Florestas is Australia’s only 100% organic Amazonian skincare solution, creating consciously-sourced, nutrient-dense natural vegan blends for powerful results, actively focused on fighting climate change through preservation and restoration of the Amazon rainforest.
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Florestas partnership with Simbioze integrates age-old formulas created by the traditional custodians of the Amazon with products of the soul of the Amazon Rainforest. With ancient knowledge and new-age science and technology, we create organic, natural and ethically-conscious skincare.

How We Grew
Co-founded by a native Brazilian and Australian couple, Florestas was established in Sydney, Australia. Born out of a passion for healthy, holistic and ethical skincare sourced straight from earth, the brand’s values are based on skincare expertise, research and mindful activism. Combining their individual heritages, the partners were mindful of the historic proven skincare practices of both their cultures, passed down through generations, often forgotten by modern developments of today’s skincare sector. Inspired by the rich Amazon landscape and unique floral traits, the Florestas collection is formulated through blending native ingredients dictated by the ancestors of the Amazon rainforest.

The powerful and effective products are manufactured by the local Amazonian communities won’t cause harm to your skin or our planet, and give back directly to the rainforest, with a portion of all profits donated towards to its restoration and rejuvenation. Made in Amazon is committed to its long-standing Amazonian traditions and the communities that continue to support its workforce and upkeep today.

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Our Pledge to Engagement and Sustainability
Built on skincare expertise, research and mindful activism, Florestas is dedicated to the restoration and rejuvenation of the world’s largest rainforest – the Amazon Rainforest.

Acknowledging the traditional custodians of the Amazon Rainforest where we source our knowledge, practices and product ingredients from, we celebrate the diversity and history of their culture and connections to the land. Working collaboratively with the local communities that maintain and support the vast forest region, our products are produced in the heart of the Amazon, helping to contribute to the growth of the economy.

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In a fight to reduce climate change and work towards the preservation and rejuvenation of the rainforest, together, Florestas activates its community of enthusiasts through education and awareness, donating a portion of its profits directly back to the rejuvenation and restoration of the Amazon Rainforest. Our products are sourced sustainably, working with small harvesting communities to implement and maintain fair and consistent practices, and ensuring the forest remains with more standing than cut. Our efficient and collaborative supply chain has been developed with sustainability at its core, reducing transportation impact and keeping the local economy stimulated through long-lasting relationships.

With a vision to restore and protect our rainforest, Made in Amazon PTY trading as Florestas works to reduce impact through continuous improvement. Using only recyclable, sustainable products and practices, we are committed to eliminating ingredients that are harmful to people, animals and the planet. Our certified vegan products are 100% organic, natural and cruelty-free.

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